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Norway media reporting alcohol and flying instances

January 7, 2019

Usually is alcohol-related air travel associated with certain airlines and routes, but as following examples show, it actually happens everywhere.

On December 30 (2018) Nettavisen.no reported about a Wizzair flight from Iceland to Hungary that had to do an emergency landing due to a drunk passenger. The unplanned stop was made to Bergen Airport,

A week later FlySmart24.no reported about an incident when a Norwegian plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Denmark due to several intoxicated passengers harassing and attacking the stewardesses. Eight passengers were removed at Copenhagen airport.

As FlySmart24 wrote, Norwegian strongly criticised Danish police because, according to Norwegian, they did not take the matter seriously enough. "The police let the eight go after they had secured their identity, and they also received no penalty for their behaviour on board."



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