As a network NordAN advocates the prevention and reducing of alcohol- and drug-related harm through effective evidence-based alcohol- and drug policy in the Nordic and Baltic countries and in the entire Northern dimension region of Europe.


Conference organizer: Lauri Beekmann

Telephone: +3725261884

E-mail: beekmann@nordan.org


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Conference program



Arthur Hotel conference centre

10.00  welcome

Ismo Tuominen, Ministerial Counsellor, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Peter Allebeck, NordAN president

Juha Mikkonen, EHYT director

Keynote speakers:

11.45  lunch

12.45  special plenary

EU Health Commissioner dr Vytenis Andriukaitis

13.30  State of the monopolies


Leena Laitinen

Managing Director




Anna Raninen

Manager of Alcohol Research

14.30  coffee break

15.00  drug plenary

Learning from North American drug policy experience


Stig Erik Sørheim, Actis, president of EURAD

"Critics say that the world blindly followed the US into a global war on drugs. Are we now blindly following them into legalization?"

15.45  speed-dating

Speed-dating session has 3x15 minutes for 4-6 groups. Every participant can move around and choose what to listen and where to contribute.

Groups will include:

Women´s group - Leena Harake (KSAN)

Labelling - Mariann Skar (Eurocare)

KUPLA project - Emi Maeda (EHYT)

10 000 signatures for raising the age limit in Latvia - Raivis Ievins

Cannabis - Karin Rantala (EHYT)

17.00  NORDAN ga


The evening reception is organised by the office of The Mayor of Helsinki City at the Old Town Hall 

12 october


arthur hotel conference centre


9.00  international

Alcohol policies: strengthening implementation for improved health and development outcomes

Dr Carina Ferreira-Borges, WHO Europe, Moscow

Eric Carlin, Director of Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems 

Tiziana Codenotti, President of Eurocare

Changing Scotland’s relationship with alcohol – more to do

Alcohol policy at EU level - opportunities and challenges

10.30 coffee break

11.00  youth plenary

In 2019 NordAN is working with a project studying the alcohol policy views of the political youth organisations. We are asking if these youth organisations are in line with major political parties in Nordic countries and what kind of change we can see in that level which decides the future policies in our countries.

Plenary includes:

# Project overview and preliminary conclusions - Lauri Beekmann, Executive director, NordAN
# Moderated discussion about youth and alcohol policy:

Moderator - Kalle Dramstad, IOGT-NTO Brussels office


Nijole Gostautaite Midttun, NTAKK, Lithuania

Emi Maeda, KUPLA project, Finland

Kjetil Vesteraas, Juvente, Norway

Lukas Galkus, International Youth Health Organization

12.00 nordic

Changing but still moving forward. Progress in Nordic alcohol policy.

Dr Ülla-Karin Nurm, Director of the NDPHS (Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being) Secretariat
Heikki Hiilamo, Research Professor, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) - Alcohol industry strategies to influence the reform of the Finnish Alcohol Law
Nina Rehn-Mendoza Director of Public Health, and Nadja Frederiksen, Senior Adviser from Nordic Welfare Centre



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