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October 4 (Optional)

Experiential Learning Field Day
10.00 – Introduction to the work in Estonia (Sokos Hotel Viru) Viljam Borissenko - PRESENTATION
Lauri Beekmann - PRESENTATION

12.00 -  Visit to Village of Hope
16.00 - Visit to Tallinn Sobering House (Tallinn City
17.30 End of day

NordAN Conference October 5-6

October 5

9.00 Welcome and introduction
Mariann Skar, president of NordAN
Riina Sikkut, Minister of Health of Estonia
The Norwegian Ambassador Marius Dirdal
Karmen Joller, Member of Parliament (Estonia) and Chairperson of the Health, Welfare, and Family Committee for the Baltic Assembly 

Welcome to Estonia (Examples from the work in rehabilitation and treatment in Estonia)
Aljona Kurbatova,
Head of the Center for Drugs and Addictions at the National Institute for Health Development
Viljam Borissenko, Public Foundation of Hope -
Mihkel Nõlvak, Samaaria Estonian Mission - PRESENTATION

11.00 PLENARY 2
Baltic project on alcohol policy

Jürgen RehmInstitute for Mental Health Policy Research and Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute, CAMH
Mindaugas ŠtelemėkasLithuanian University of Health Sciences
Nijole Gostautaite MidttunLithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition
Laura Miščikienė, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
  • Alcohol control policy and life expectancy: how much more evidence do you need? PRESENTATION
  • The enforcement of alcohol control policies: do we put enough effort to follow the regulation? PRESENTATION
  • The side effects of full alcohol advertising ban in Lithuania: does non-alcoholic alcohol adverts matter? PRESENTATION
  • Saving men: alcohol policy as mental health intervention? PRESENTATION
  • How to sustain the positive impact alcohol control policy in the Baltics? PRESENTATION
Discussion, Q&A

13.30 PLENARY 2 continued
Jürgen Rehm and Mindaugas Štelemėkas

15.30 PLENARY 3 
Drug policy – effective measures and interventions
Moderator: Peter Moilanen
The Swedish Drug Policy Centre -
Mulka Nisic, University of Derby - Understanding the mechanics of recovery: a comprehensive review of scientific literature - PRESENTATION
Ain Peil,  Department of Public Order and Criminal Policy in the Estonian Ministry of Interior - On what principles should a country base its drug policy? - PRESENTATION

17.00 NordAN General Assembly meeting
NordAN 2023 resolution: Upholding the alcohol retail monopoly system in nordic alcohol policy

October 6

8:30 PLENARY 4
Parents and prevention
Moderator: Cecilie Widnessecretary general IOGT Norway -
Anne Babb, International Blue Cross – Engaging parents in prevention: Resources and lessons learnt - PRESENTATION
Päivi Puranen, EHYT – Digital tools in prevention programmes at schools in Finland - PRESENTATION
Nils Johan Garnes, Foreldreundersøkelsen IOGT Norway - PRESENTATION

10.30 PLENARY 5
NordAN session

Issues relevant to NordAN member countries and organisations.
Juha Mikkonen, EHYT ry - The future of Finnish retail monopoly Alko
Zaza Tsereteli - Expert Group on Alcohol and Substance Use of the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being - Alcohol and Tobacco control policies and challenges we face in ND Region. David versus Goliath? - PRESENTATION
Peter Moilanen - The Swedish Drug Policy Centre - Some reflections about the possibility of a Nordic drug policy - PRESENTATION
Anastasia Månsson, Karolinska Institute - Alcohol policy and alcohol-related burden of disease in Finland and the Baltic countries: Comparative study 1995-2019 - PRESENTATION
Eric Carlin, WHO Europe - EVID-ACTION project - VIDEO

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