We have invited specialists from Nordic countries and also from European and global arena. To inform, to motivate, to challenge us.

At the birthplace of Skype we are going to use it to bring presentations from America. 
We expect from participants to enrich the conference with their ideas and questions in an open and active discussion.



The Song Festival Ground was built in the 1960s for Song Festivals.

Last half a century has changed its status to be the symbol of dignity, freedom and freshness. Under this arch we have sung ourselves free and during their world tours different pop- and rockstars have performed here.


This year in Tallinna NordAN will focus on alcohol policy in the local level. What ever are our main duties as an organisation, local level is crucial to us all anyway. This is where a policy has to be implemented and enforced. People at the local level have to understand and support a political measure to make it work.

“Our goal is not only to give you an interesting conference with excellent presentations and inspiring discussion but also a memorable experience in Tallinn.

You will definitely remember the location. At the same time we will bring together specialists to give you new information and new ideas to enrich your everyday work! We hope to see you in Tallinn.


We will convene at the site of the classical Estonian song festivals, where hundreds of choirs gather from all over the country. This is a classical event that very well illustrates the “bottom-up” approach that will be discussed in relation to alcohol policy. Local implementation has to be based on “bottom-up” strategies, working with local community leaders and NGOs. However, we all know that effective alcohol policy must be based on restriction in availability of alcohol, which necessitates decision on national as well as supranational (for example EU) level. But a national policy can not be implemented without local support. So we need to be able to think both in terms of top down and bottom up. With the help of international leading experts in alcohol policy as well as representatives from NGOs and local organizations, we will discuss both perspectives: Top down and bottom up. National policy and local implementation.
We especially invite public organizations, the Nordic national monopolies, as well as NGOs, to bring posters, presentations, hands-on examples, that can help us share experiences from practical alcohol prevention.
I look forward to interesting presentations and lively discussion at this NordAN conference.


Peter Allebeck, president of NordAN



Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Lauri Beekmann, Secretary General


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Photos from earlier conferences